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Inherited Business

I started here October 2019. Since then, we have expanded the flea market wares. I am currently looking for more awesome vendors to add to our team BTW! We had some booth space open up and I am excited for what is in store for our future. It has its ups and downs owning a business that you inherited from your husband! My husband and his mom (Julie) started this 20 years ago. Since then, we have grown!

I have had to be my own boss, website designer, cashier, and social media designer (I fortunately and thankfully have found the best help when it comes to SIX and YES I said SIX different social media accounts! I am a person who wears many, many hats around here. Spring is just around the corner! If you are looking for a nice girls trip to Fort Scott, KS come see us! Coffee is always HOT and we have lots of merchandise to shop from! #mainstgalleryks #mainstgalleyfortscottks #visitfortscottks #shopfortscottks #fleamarketadventures #checkoutoursocialmedia #ramblingwordsofafleamarketgal #comeseeusfortscottks #Idontknowanythingaboutblogging #makeitagirlsweekend

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